La comunidad de los espectros, I: Antropotecnia: Table of contents and Introduction

My translation of Fabián Ludueña Romandini‘s monograph La comunidad de los espectros, I: Antropotecnia (The Community of Specters: Anthropotechnics) is in progress. I hope to have a completed draft by the end of AY 2019-2020. Here’s an excerpt. Table of contents Introduction Part I: Ius Exponendi Anthropotechnics Beyond the history of the right over life… Continue Reading La comunidad de los espectros, I: Antropotecnia: Table of contents and Introduction

Forensic reason

Ordinarily, we aren’t very clear about what we’re talking about when we talk about reason. Hence, rationality in particular gets invoked in largely economic terms (e.g., to behave rationally is to maximize economic self-interest). Hence, reasonability gets used interchangeably with plausibility, albeit with slightly more normative force than the latter term. Hence, reasonableness gets praised… Continue Reading Forensic reason

Depression and time

Time has a profound enemy, and that enemy is depression. Depression is the enemy of time because it exhausts time. It expends your time without remainder. Depression results in the deletion, or the depletion, of time as a finite, lived quantity through which the richness of the world takes shape. Unlike consuming or wasting time,… Continue Reading Depression and time

Rereading Lord of the Flies

Rereading William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, I couldn’t help but notice the degree to which the received interpretation of the novel has relatively little to do with the substance of the novel itself. The received interpretation emphasizes the inevitability of social breakdown that supposedly attends the withdrawal of authority or constraint. Without the “men… Continue Reading Rereading Lord of the Flies

The pulp critical

The pulp critical is a minor analytic mode in which genre tokens are interpreted as arguments or ontological operations in their own right. Hence, it’s important to refuse the conventional terms of any standardized hermeneutics. The emphasis on “pulp” echoes the use of the term in literary history, where it refers primarily to popular fiction… Continue Reading The pulp critical

Annihilation failed

Imagine the following plot. There’s a married straight couple, and the woman cheats on her husband with a colleague. She feels guilty, but refuses to acknowledge it. He knows or suspects, but refuses to confront her. Instead, he decides to start volunteering for some dangerous work in the city. Their relationship is breaking down due… Continue Reading Annihilation failed