On causal strangeways

Think of it like this. A causal strangeway describes the crooked or disjointed path by means of which causal effects spiral outward tumultuously from their plural points of origin, traversing ontological modes and orders without regard to adequation or proportion. Examples are endless. Seriously attempt to backtrace almost anything at all, and you’ll rapidly find… Continue Reading On causal strangeways

Toward an American psychogeography (1): Hawksmoor/Winchester

Like the Hawksmoor churches serve as privileged reference points for a uniquely British psychogeography, so the Winchester House will be the first such reference point for us. It’s the first, not the earliest, because the fundamental structure of American psychogeography consists of displacement. Of course, I mean displacement in every sense the word implies –… Continue Reading Toward an American psychogeography (1): Hawksmoor/Winchester